Mayon Middeljans studied at the Art Academy Minerva in Groningen. 
After receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2012 in illustration, she established herself as a freelance illustrator in Emmen, where she works from her homestudio.
Mayon makes illustrations for children’s books, picturebooks and fine art prints. She prefers to illustrate stories with a lot of imagination and unique characters. Her illustrations are often centered arount nature and magical things.

’Growing up I was always drawing and painting and making up stories. I dreamed of becoming a great artist. Preferably for Disney, because I was a huge fan of their movies. They inspired me a lot in my drawings and still do!’ 

‘At the art academy I discovered the subject
illustration. Immediately I found that this was
the right path for me and I loved it from the start.
It is the perfect way for me to combine the
storytelling with making art.’

Mayon likes to spend her free time drawing and
reading books. Her artwork is created using a variety
of mediums with a preference towards watercolors
and pencils.

‘My goal with illustration is to create a new world
for readers and to draw them in.
I like to convey emotions and put a smile on
the readers faces.’


Mayon works from her homestudio in Emmen. Which is located in Drenthe, the north of the Netherlands. 

’I’m very happy with this place where I can be creative and productive. This is the place where I can shut myself faraway from the outdoors and create a lot of illustrations. Having your own artstudio allows you to have control of your work flow, it gives freedom for development, which is very important.’

‘So Let me take you to where the magic happens!
I have speakers for my amazing playlists on Spotify and a great view of the garden. Also the coffee machine is nearby and I can often have a pyjama-to-work-day.
(need I say more?)

It’s awesome!’

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