The Sandman is Angry!
A book by Clavis publishing

Mayon Middeljans and writer Susan Wallenburg entered the Key Colours competion in 2020 and where nominated
for the Key Colours Award. Key Colours is a competition for picturebooks that is being organized by
Clavis Publishing. 458 illustrators and writers participated from 50 different countries,
which was one of the biggest numbers in history of the competition. Mayon and Susan submitted
their picture book about the angry Sandman and made it to the shortlist of the final 7. Their picturebook
was chosen by Clavis to be published!


The angry Sandman! is an imaginative and playful story about the importance of going to sleep.
The Sandman comes at night and throws sand in the eyes of children, so they will go to sleep and have
good dreams. But when the children want to stay up all night to play, the Sandman is getting angry.
He goes on strike and is keeping all the dreams to himself. Then the children find out what it means
if they can’t sleep anymore…


Key Colours Jury:
’The Sandman Is Angry! is a recognizable story. Children who don’t like going to bed at night because the
thing they’re doing at that moment is much more fun will recognize themselves. At the same time, it’s
being explained in a friendly manner that sleeping is very important. The illustrator loves a wealth of fun
details, which makes the illustrations a sight for sore eyes. The coloring is well-balanced and judging
from the finished illustrations, a rich and nice whole will be created.’



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